Making Yourself More Put-Together

Making Yourself More Put-Together

I’m not sure what your resolutions are and I don’t care really, I’m making this post to make you a more productive being. I was having a conversation with my girl, Onyinye.

’I wish we had a uniform to work everyday so I don’t have to bother with colour combinations of shirt, tie and trousers very morning’ she said her husband mentioned that morning. Lol! It’s funny how people’s likes/dislikes  are so different. I mean, finding what to wear is the fun-est part of my mornings. 

Anyways, I decided to put this together to hopefully help you out a bit. Find below some 5 ways you could become more put-together.

1.) Make notes

I’d rather make notes on my phone really. You might prefer a planner or diary (click here to check out CassieDaves’ 2018 ones).

Making notes basically helps you out withplanninh. It could be a to-do list. It could be short-term Goals, long term goals, future blog/YouTube posts, collocation plans, suggestions at your work place, possible new products to your brand, people to get in touch with, things to buy while on holiday ETC!

2.) A Routine 

This might sound boring but trust me, it saves time. Just create routine of the things you do often so you’d fix in the others right in between and save previous time. This routine should definitely include time you reply emails, comments etc with any work related communications.

3.) Knowing your/Having a uniform 🥋 

This should be actually pieces, basically a look to fall back to or a range of looks your only wear. It could also be coulor palettes 🎨 . Asides for saving you time daily, it would also save you money from buying unnecessary items you wouldn’t end up wearing. You know those items you see on your followers on Instagram that you think might just look good on you? Yeah, this eliminates such waste.

4.) Tidiness

Keeping your home/room neat, clean (especially) and tidy helps your breathe oxygen 🤣, no seriously it clears your head, your mind and helps you think faster. Also personal hygiene like keeping your nails done and neat at all time makes you feel happy, confident and more productive.

5.) Faith it till you make it

As corny as this sounds, you need to believe. Believe in yourself, believe there’d be great results, believe in your process, believe you are  amazing. Might be tough, might sound pretentious, but making positivity a habit will eventually make it the truth as your energy with move in the right direction.

Hope you are having a good time preparing for Christmas 🎄. I’d hopefully be doing a Primark Haul really soon.

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