My Time In Ibiza – #LivingParadiso

My Time In Ibiza – #LivingParadiso

Hi guys,

Welcome to my corner.. Let’s get straight into this. My partner and I decided to go on a 10-day trip as we are getting traditionally stitched up in a couple of months. All the stress from long-distance planning got to us. We chose Amsterdam, Ibiza, Marseille and Malta. Click here (AMS, IBZ, MAR, MAL) to watch videos on the channel. Keep reading for a few tips and description of our time out there with photos of course.

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Here are some activities you can do in Ibiza.

Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s well known for the lively nightlife. San Antonio (been twice now) and Ibiza Town are the most popular locations.

My main attraction that ensured was added Ibiza to our list was Paradiso Hotel in San Antonio as well. So I’m going to start with photos of the hotel 

  1. Water Activities:- Jet Ski, Surfing, Speed Boat Cruise, Scuba diving Course, Parasailing,.. To be honest asides clubbing water activities are the next ‘best’ thing in Ibiza. Most of these are located in San Antonio which is about 30 minutes away from the airport.
  2. Clubbing:- Though never been, Amnesia is the only club I know about. Other dope ones are Space, Bora Bora, Pacha, Privilege IbizaEl Divino, Es Paradis.
  3. Beaches:- Platja D’En Bossa, Cala Comte, C’ala d’hort, Talamanca
  4. Walking & Climbing:- As per usual. Lots of climbs with views that are totally worth it. We walked closed to the docks by the Ibiza Town.
  5. Puig de Missa:- Sign posted from the bus station. There are steps on the way up but you don’t have to go up them. Follow the gentle incline of the road and it will take you to the beautiful little church. Take a couple of Euros to drop in the collection box, as it’s stunning inside and out and free to see.

    Isidor Macabich (journalist, poet & teacher) He was one of the modern day important cultural figure of Elvissa . A canon and activist of Elvissa’s Cathedral.

Most of our time was spent in Ibiza Town, the church climbing and snapping photos at the amazing hotel we stayed at and then good food in the town.

We did some vintage shopping 🛍 


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