Nigerian Restaurants in London to eat for £10 or less!

Nigerian Restaurants in London to eat for £10 or less!

Hi lovely, many thanks for dropping by. On this post I’d be sharing some of my favourite Nigerian budget restaurants in London. Places where after eating both your tummy and pockets will be happy. Click here to watch me prance around London ordering from this places. Keep reading to get more details (address, telephone number & names) and ratings of my last order with them.

1.) Ariya Kitchen

Located right by Burnt Oak Station (Northern Line), this place is owned by a Yoruba lady. Soups go for as low as £6 to £8 depending on whether you want pounded yam or not. Usually with most places Egusi, Eforiro or Okro cost less than Edika-Ikong or Oha. Ariya Kitchen is more suitable for your take-home meals.

Rating:- 6/10

had to add more spice while warming up the food. Meat put in wasn’t as big.


2. Lekki Kitchen

Located opposite Ariya Kitchen, he food here are about a pound or 2 higher. They also make nkwobi and isi-ewu on pre-orders only. Customer service is amazing. Their food tastes so good as well. You can call to place idea that will be delivered by a rider. They also have bits like grilled gizzard, meat pies. You should order their mix pack which consists of beans, green veggies, gizzard in stew, plantain and moi moi, all for £10.00.

Rating:- 8/10

Food tastes good just as ordered. Sometimes food portions aren’t that much.


3. Cafe Spice or Cafe 55

This is a typical street food place. I had no idea it was the same place I’d passed whener I went to Peckham Rye to buy hair stuff. Located in this bright yellow box, the shop is owned by Asians. The sell and deliver nice tasting Nigerian meals. Ideal as a take-away spot. You should order their stewed tilapia fish.

Rating:- 7/10

the jolly soya mix was not nice at all. Or maybe I’d ordered on the wrong day.


4. Squires.

Located in Canning Town and East Ham, they make good ABULA (a yours meal with amala & lots of meat). They also have order things like Jollof rice served with boiled egg, lol. They make other soups too. Their Asaro (porridge yam) is also tasty. You should order goat meat pepper soup, suya or ABULA. Don’t forget to grab a loaf of bread on your way out.

Yes! They also have some packed food options for bachelors. LOL

Rating:- 8/10


5. Ore Meji

Stumbled on these ons via Just Eat. Haven’t been to their physical location but I’d imagine it would be beautiful. Food so tasty. Packaging so good.Use Ore Meji for your small (up to 10) parties.

Rating:- 9/10


6. Tasty’s African Restaurant

This place was the first I had in mind when I started researching for this post. Tried and trusted. They are the best right now for your bulk and party meals. Also really affordable and their spaces are convenient enough to sit down and have a meal in.

Rating:- 8.5/10 (marks off for the lady that ‘served’ me at the Peckham Shop with a light blue hair cover)

Honourable mention

Onidodo Restaurant

Except you’re having one of their amazing appetisers, I cannot categorically tell you, your meal will be under £10. However, this place is a must-visit for an absolute vibe. The interior is black and white (a fav) and their menus consist of real Nigerian food in such a funky way.Unlike some really posh restaurants, their meals have that original Naija flavour. Their cocktails are also dope.

Rating:- 10/10

Location – 83 Turnpike Lane, Haringey, N8 0Dy, London N8 0DY

Telephone:- 020 8341 7540

Details of the others;

You can save the picture above with details

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  1. July 6, 2019 / 9:19 am

    Useful post hon! Great to see our cuisine penetrating London more and more.
    I’d like to see more restaurants in the West End/Soho area. If there are, I don’t know them…yet ( :

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