• Obi Cubana Finally Speaks

    Obi Cubana Finally Speaks
  • LONDON BEST BRUNCH SPOTS – aesthetics, rooftops et al

    LONDON BEST BRUNCH SPOTS – aesthetics, rooftops et al
  • Explore London – Chelsea Walk Guide | #mgLDNwalk

    Explore London – Chelsea Walk Guide | #mgLDNwalk
  • Wisteria in London – 26 Places With The Perfect Bloom

    Wisteria in London – 26 Places With The Perfect Bloom

Changes: How To Manage Previous Work Peers

Hi guys, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, D, where he was telling me about a colleague (now estranged friend) with whom he started his current job with.  This mate of his didn’t get promoted when he did and has reacted proper weirdly….so now its so… View Post

Career Path Choice: BLUE Chip vs SME

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed day 1 of my first work week of 2015 series. Yesterday’s was few tips on breaking walking through negative situations. On the series today, we would be talking making a decision between working for a Blue-chip cooperation or an SME (or start-up). Quick Question: Would… View Post

My Nigerian Designers Work Style Week

Hi Guys,Putting up this post under two duvets, one pillow and honey+lemon mix in a hotel room where I have to check out in 22 minutes. Ugh. My alumni (International Business class on 2011) reunion has come to an end, an exciting and nostalgic past 3 days this has been. I… View Post

One Year Anniversary Special

Hi guys,Metrogypsie is one today !!!!!! I’m supposed to publish posts on Tuesdays henceforth but seeing as its the anniversary today I changed plans. :). So yeah, obviously we would do something different this week and then next week, we should have something special as well. I am so grateful to… View Post

PilOt | #HauteyOfTheWeek, Madalina. #Debut

Asides the day I took my Bloomberg exams, I cannot remember having to stare blankly at my computer screen this long. Whoop! there goes my first sentence. Anyways, welcome to my blog people :). This is going to be something like a lookbook. Periodically, I would put up posts of… View Post

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