• Why Nigerians Are Protesting | #endSARS

    Why Nigerians Are Protesting | #endSARS
  • How To Style African Short Hair

    How To Style African Short Hair
  • Top 10 Things To Do In Bordeaux, France

    Top 10 Things To Do In Bordeaux, France
  • How To Pray For Your Clients/Customers

    How To Pray For Your Clients/Customers

Ways To Spend Your Time in COVID-19 Quarantine | Zara Spring

Hi lovely, how’re you doing??? I started journaling on my first day of lockdown – 30th March 2020. Quickly got bored of that and decided to use my Spring/Summer Zara haul to show you how I’ve been spending my days. Shared it on my instagram and lots of people loved…

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How You Can Support Yourself & Brands At This Difficult Time

The huge economical impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is already taking it’s toll on small and large businesses, including influencers and brands worldwide.

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Hi there 👋, welcome to my blog, kindly subscribe of you haven’t done so. This post was inspired by tins of questions I’ve received lately in living in the UK, processes, Post Study Work visa etc.

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The Best Girls Spa Night In UK | LIFEHOUSE SPA

Hi lovely, For Valentines Day this year, I had a romantic home-cooked meal with the partner and took a 1 night spa break to LIFEHOUSE with my girl friend, Uju who was visiting as always  from Lagos Nigeria.

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Exploring Social Issues of the World in 2020 | fashion

Hi lovely, welcome to the blog. Following the Key Influencer Marketing Trends for 2020 in my previous post, I have decided to ensure all my fashion collaborations this year address a current social issue.

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