• How To Pray For Your Clients/Customers

    How To Pray For Your Clients/Customers
  • Do Followers Matter + Lockdown Fashion

    Do Followers Matter + Lockdown Fashion
  • How To Pray As An Entrepreneur

    How To Pray As An Entrepreneur
  • Racism • Rape | how to support

    Racism • Rape | how to support

London Christmas Markets 2019 | metrogypsie

Hi lovely, so I decided to visit 7 Christmas Markets so have a complete and total vibe of how things happen so I can relay information to you perfectly. Click here to watch my buddy Lanre and I take the streets of  London on a cold December weekend.

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Bleeding Gum Remedies + How To Keep Your Gums Healthy

Hi there, have you ever experienced your gums bleeding for no reason? This could occur  when you brush or even while drooling as you take a bite of an apple and notice embarrassing red stains? These could be an indication of; a gum disease an unhygienic mouth (which could…

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What To Wear In Autumn 2019 | metrogypsie

Hi beautiful, Welcome back! It’s so nice to have you if this is your first time on here. Autumn or Fall (as the Americans would call it) is a favorite season. Asides the fact the floors are lined with golden leaves, it is actually the next time for photography. Due…

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Where To Get Your Facial, Waxing & SelfCare Done in London

‍‏ Hello lovely, How are you doing? I’m great myself, work and work are both fine. Lol. The fact my routine and schedule has been so packed lately has made me ensure I prioritise my self care. Even during my holiday to Bordeaux, France I ensured I took some pamper time…

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How To Style Ankara Single Pieces ft @springstitches

Hi there, just back from my 3-part holiday from Bordeaux, Ibiza and Barcelona! I may have to visit Barca one more time as I don’t think we explored it properly. Bordeaux was lovely, well rested and in addition we’d visited Saint Emilion and the Caudalie spa! Ibiza was a work…

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