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#BBNaija: Ebuka’s LiveShow Style ft @MaiAtafo & @Vodigroup_ #EfeNation

From the photos and live shows I’ve watched I think Ebuka wore just two designer’s on stage while hosting the Big Brother Naija #seeGob√© season, Mai Atafo and Vodi Group.

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How I Style When It Rains

Hi guys,

…I find it really annoying when it rains, during the day especially. I mean even if I was based in a city were driving was almost imperative, the way the roads look is always so drab, dark and murky. It also distorts outdoor events. I’d rather it rained at night..for agriculture sake you know, the farms and crops and all that.

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How Bloggers Party Online – My Birthday !

How Bloggers Party Online – My Birthday !




Hi guys,


so I just turned 21 today! *Whoosssssssssh* .. The days preceding my birthdays are usually a tad reflective for me and more often than not I would be like ‘oh I’m not marking it this year’ but then a couple days before I start to change my mind ‘okay maybe a meal with colleagues’.. ‘maybe brunch with a friend’.. or get my friends together for dinner’. Oh well..

All my life I have marked my birthday in some way or another. This year, its an e-party with some of my favourite female Nigerian fashion bloggers. I haven’t met some of these ladies in person but with most of them, we just¬†communicate really good and get along on social media. I hope I meet all of them someday.

I am going to share all their photos, Occupations, Interests and website addresses here.

Guess what, of course where bloggers are gathered there has to be a style theme/dress code. Its an All-White affair with Non-White footwear so feel free to side-eye anyone who broke the dress-code rules. LoL!

Lastly, I would also include one¬†special guest and 4 Birthday mates of mine who aren’t bloggers.

Do have a blast reading through, I hope you enjoy partying with us as much as I enjoyed putting it together.




(listed in order of which they sent me/agreed to the use of photos)

 РStephanie Ij, @Metrogypsie & @Jaunelion


IMG_1443 Occupation:- Management Consultant .. Interests:- MUSIC, Traveling, Reading, TV Series, Creating Ideas & Hanging with close friends



 РSazi Hills, @Fashion_53



Occupation:- Business Consultant .. Interests:- Traveling, Reading, Swimming & surfing the internet






Daks Ufere, @LoveTWP



Occupation:- Oil & Gas Lawyer .. Interests:- Reading, traveling, writing, eating, shopping, watching tv shows





– Cassandra Ikegbune, @CassieDavesIMG_1029



Occupation:- Model,¬†Fashion and life style blogger, Medical Doctor in a few …¬†Interests :¬†Fashion, Poetry, Books and the arts





РGrace Alex, @T2pitchy 





Occupation:-¬†Journalist …¬†Hobbies:-¬†Reading ..





РStella Akinwunmi,  @JadorefashionIMG_1085



Occupation:-¬†Analyst, Entrepreneur & Blogger/Fashion Consultant, Maryland, USA …¬†Interests:¬†Fashion & Styling, Interior Decoration, Soccer, Arts, Music and Traveling





– Yewande Thorpe, @ShelovesthefinerthingsIMG_1002



Occupation:- Corporate Communications, GE, Nigeria .. Interests:- PR, Beauty Blogging, New Restaurants :), Nigerian Literature.






– Zina Anumudu



РOccupation:- Brand consultant , Brand director StyleVitae .. Interests:-  Watching Premier League and anything Arsenal related 






– Bukky Ogunyemi, @Prettyfaze



Occupation:-¬†Medical Student … Interests:-¬†Travelling, Shopping, Blog bants..






– Deola Adebiyi, @D3ola



– Occupation:-¬†Online Editor of Gaurdian Newspaper and Editor of OmogeMuRa …¬†Interests:¬†Fashion, beauty, Young Adult novels, technology and ice cream







– Nwokeocha Nneka, @Nwokeochanneka



Occupation:-¬†Medical practitioner …¬†Interests:-¬†Creating, Learning about history/historical events and people, Travel, Exploring means to revolutionise the Global (esp. African) fashion industry, cooking.






Tomiwa Oladele, @Stylebyayaba



Occupation:- Creative Director AYABA, PR Consultant

Interests:- Fashion (obviously), Food, Travel







Shenny Kings, @Shennykings



Occupation:-¬†Video producer/photographer, Student of Sociology at LSE, Aspiring Fashion Designer hopefully I’ll take all up to PhD

¬†Interests:-¬†And here comes the long story.. —>¬†Major shopaholic, Globetrotting, I love to witness beauty, i’m naturally drawn to things that give me the ability to create; like in photography, video production and sewing, I enjoy the freedom of being able create and portray things as ‘appealing’ from my perspective. My favourite part of creating is that I get to sit back to observe the beauty of what I’ve created. I find it thrilling that my imaginations do not have to be limited to the things that are physically accessible to me, but that I can also create and get swept in my creation.¬†

Meditating, I enjoy starting my day off by quieting my mind and tapping into a clear emotional space, Eating, Taking walks alone in the dark, Cooking, Baking & Stealing recipes.






 Mary Ebele, @Maryebele_
Occupation:- Criminal Justice Lawyer .. Interests:- Food, Cooking, Travel, Hair, Beauty
Denike Adegboye, @Theadenike
Occupation:¬†Fashion design student, freelance stylist …¬†Interests:¬†writing, shopping (duh!), everything fashion basically
Sisi Yemmie, @Sisi_yemmie
Occupation:- Blogger .. Interest:- Media






Olawumi Adewale, @Olarslim


IMG_1382Occupation:-¬†Customer Experience Personnel …¬†Interests:- Shopping and watching interesting movies.








Adaora Onwuasigwe, @Msadao

IMG_1805Occupation:- HR officer at Alpha Partners .. Interests:- God, Movies, Beyonce, TV Series







Nike Fagbule


Occupation:- Publicist / CEO Zebra stripes Networks … Interests:- Working, Watching TV series T






Olakunbi Oyelese, @AprilbyKunbi


Occupation:- Creative Director, April by Kunbi.







Ufuoma McDermott, @UfuomaMcDermott


Occupation:- Actor, Compere





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‚ÄúJust be true to yourself, and listen as much as one is able to to other people whose opinions you respect and look up to but in the end it has to come from you. You can‚Äôt really worry too much by looking to the left and the right about what the competition is doing or what other people in your field are doing. It has to be a true vision.‚ÄĚ

– Anna Wintour


Building Friendships at The Office: Yay or Nay?

Building Friendships at The Office: Yay or Nay?

Hi Guys,

Day 05 has finally come around, the last of my first full work week of 2015 series. I have gotten loads of feedback from you so I know these posts have had impacts. Its funny
how people would rather comment on twitter or messengers as against the comment section. LOL!

Today, we would be talking about making friends at the work place.

Here is an infographic showing the benefits of work friendships..
infographic source

Day 05

I have never been a fan of making friends at work (especially having to carry the relationship outside the office). 

I was at my last job for almost 3 years and it took me 2 years and 4 months to actually open up to others that I had stuff in common with like sex, race and age bracket. I was just busy observing and was extremely content with having a relationship with just my teammates. This relationship I am talking about was strictly based at the office. I always just never enjoyed seeing colleagues socially i.e outside the office.

Fast forward to a bit over 2 years and I had made friends with about 6 people and loved it. There was just something to look forward to asides hitting targets, there were good conversations to be made during lunch and even people to go out to lunch with, new habits to relate with, travel plans, more Metrogypsie supporters, great ideas etc.

Data as seen on the infographic by

– 70% of employees say friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life.

– 58% of men would refuse a higher paying job if it meant not getting along with coworkers.

– 74% of women said the same.

– 25% increase in morale and productivity for simple things like larger lunch tables.

– 50% of employees with a best friend at work reported that they feel a strong connection with their company.

– One-third adults has met at least one of their closest friends at work.

Black Wool Top: Marks and Spencer
Red Tank Top: TKMaxx
Skirt: Dolce and Gabbana
Shoes: Ferragamo


– 1.4x more likely to receive praise in the last seven days

– benefit 137% more personal development support.

– +35% higher commitment to quality

– 1.3x more likely to receive feedback about their progress in the last six months

– 1.2x more likely to say that they have the opportunity to do what they do best everyday

Managers should be actively encouraging these types of friendships, and should be letting employees chitchat about nothing. It might seem like they are not being productive when they talk, but the data shows that these friendships really matter.

Tools like Officevibe can help strengthen those friendships, by measuring and monitoring employer engagement, and providing tips on how to make it better.

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“Only men who are not interested in women are interested in women’s clothes. Men who like women never notice what they wear.” – Anatole France.

How To Deal with Office Politics – Small Talk, Fake Smiles.. Grrrr

How To Deal with Office Politics – Small Talk, Fake Smiles.. Grrrr

Hi guys,

How have you found the last 3 days of our series? I got a message from someone saying this series and the brand in general has helped her step up her work style

game. Its always good to read people’s feedback like that, negative, constructive or positive, so thanks for reaching out guys.

Congratulations again to Vivian Aigbe, the winner of the last giveaway, thanks to VintgaeCloset9ja for the gift. The next one should happen by Monday, 12th January.

Today we are going to be talking dealing with office politics. Towards the end of the post, I would also share ways to win at it for those who would want to be a part. Personally in my past jobs bot in Nigeria and in England, I have never be drawn towards participating in such. You may call that a lack of ambition or the drive to move up but I haven’t done badly in promotions either. I just thing it comes with way too much drama so I’d rather be socratic and watch things unwind.

This post would be a combination of information from myself and a couple other articles (lifehack and blog.hubspot).

Day 04

There is barely an organisation out there that doesn’t have politics somehow going on within. I mean you could even have a start-up today with just 2 employees and drama would still find a way to sneak in…be it attitude issues, someone thinking he/she takes things more seriously than the other etc. it is however necessary to know some tips to deal with this.
1. Walk Away/Stay out
This has always been my approach as I said earlier and truthfully, its not that easy. Just walk away from that gossip, ignore that stupid question or basically act like you don’t even get what someone is trying to say when they bring silly talk around you. You may be not be seen as the coolest but this would make your daily decisions more fair.

2. Never start smack talk
Those who start office politics talk may think they have a total hang of things but more often than not everyone knows who they are and when it comes to getting stuff done, they tend to be avoided. Be that person who has a transparent way of making decisions, giving feedback and corrections fairly. This is always noticed and i the correct attitude for people who are to be trusted.

3. Be professional at ALL times.
Did you watch The Apprentice last year, 2014? Bianca Miller was such an epitome of professionalism. To the extent of when she was in the boardroom where everyone gets mental and start throwing each other under the bus, Bianca would just highlight her strong points and the advantages of her own prospective business. She always just shone without biting anyone. That’s always the way to act.

4. If drawn in, act dumb or be quizzical
For example, some comes to tell you a colleague of yours isn’t a good fit for a project.. You should respond by asking why they think so.. Just look confused or lost. Better still you can just nod if its getting unending just to get them off your back.

5. If you just can’t deal anymore, just be direct
“I am not interested in this conversation..”
“I do not know enough to continue with this conversation..”
These are direct way to get yourself over relentless politickers. Truth be told everyone there at the time may feel awkward including you but its best to set yourself aside politics at work and in the long run, best. You would have established yourself as one who stays out of politics at the work place.

As I said, some of you might actually want o participate in office politics. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well so find below some points towards winning at office politics.

a. Be aware you have a choice
Its either a fight or a flight. Since we are talking wining, then its a fight. Choose your reactions wisely too. The office is a modern jungle and just like animals, we tend to react to issues by fighting, choose wisely.
b. Know your aim
There is always a catch for those who participate in politics at work. Always remind yourself what your ultimate goal is just so you work towards achieving just that so as not to become a serial random gossip/small talker. Also, knowing this would help you avoid conflicts that aren’t yours.

c. Know and focus on your circle of influence
At work there are always situations that would arise and cause issue for you. The obvious reaction is bitching about it or feeling victimised. To avoid this feeling of helplessness especially when its things you can’t control, focus of that which you can.

d. Don’t Take Sides 

e. Ensure You Understand Before Trying To Be Understood

f. It Can Be a Win-Win Situation
As mentioned upfront, political conflicts happen because of conflicting interests. Perhaps due to our schooling, we are taught that to win, someone else needs to lose. Conversely, we are afraid to let someone else win, because it implies losing for us.
Try to undrestand other party’s perspective first as stated above and try to formulate strategies that can benefit both parties.
Also note that a win-lose would definitely occur once in a while too.
External Sources: 
-The Drama-Hater’s Guide to Dealing With Office Politics by Corey Eridon – @Corey_bos on
– 7 Habits To Win In Office Politics by Lawrence Cheok on
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“Without foundation, there can be no fashion.” – Christian Dior