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One Year Anniversary Special

Hi guys,

Metrogypsie is one today !!!!!! I’m supposed to publish posts on Tuesdays henceforth but seeing

as its the anniversary today I changed plans. :). So yeah, obviously we would do something different this week and then next week, we should have something special as well. 

I am so grateful to all of you that feature, READ and share my posts. You mean everything to me and make this more worthwhile. THANK YOU !


  1. 1.
    denoting of a style or fashion that transcends from serious to laid-back
  1. 2.   style genre.. relating to versatility of a particular look clothes, music, or style
    3.   a work fashion brand

Okay, that was just for clarity. 🙂

Lets get right into our features..

Goke Omoluyi

He is totally on that metrogypsie ish with this smart and chilled out look he’s got going.

– Favourite Fashion Item?: My favourite fashion item at the moment are a pair of Zara tasselled loafers. They dress up any outfit I have on and add a dapper touch to everything.

– Your take on work fashion?: Fashion at work is inspiring. Its refreshing to see that people actually pay attention to how they look while at work and it classes up the place. 
That being said, don’t over do it. Its a work place not a fashion show.

Diana Edeh

– Favourite Fashion Item?: I’ve got two of them.. Shoes and Lipstick. 🙂

– Your take on work fashion?: Fashion while  at work is comfort and expressive.

JS Stylefigure

– Favourite Fashion Item?: The Bowtie which is the highest accessory in men’s fashion! So its my website’s logo.

– Your take on work fashion?: Ah ok! For me, this fashion thing is an art.. It’s a way of people showing who they are, inspiring people without actually telling them. Its another way of self expression.

Onyeka Udechukwu

– Favourite Fashion Item?: The Little Black Dress. Always a standby. dressy or smart casual. Also perfect for the office or after work hours. HELLO METROGYPSIE.

– Your take on work fashion?: I cannot imagine life without style. The confidence and personality it brings out in you and in front of your clients. It sells for sure.

Segun Ayandele

– Favourite Fashion Item?: For men, I always wear a nice bracelet and watch, and no, not the chain bracelets.
For ladies, earrings and the necklace and bracelet as well. Not a fan of waistbands or anklets.

– Your take on work fashion?: For me yea, fashion means it all. Its one of the many ways I can show my individual uniqueness. My dressing shows my expression to the world. At work, we dress to suite our jobs and lifestyle. A farmer wouldn’t wear a 3-piece suit to the farm right? At the end of the day, fashion is whatever makes you feel good about you, but hey, have some decency too. Lol
So yea, I agree with fashion at work so long as its appropriate.

Sally Iriri-Adegoke

– Favourite Fashion Item?: My favourite fashion item is my pair of Jimmy Choo pointy toed shoes, they are a super comfortable classic and are always in my car for whenever I have to switch from casual to chic in the course of my day.

– Your take on work fashion?: Fashion at work is underrated. As a screenwriter, my mates would disagree with me. 


– Favourite Fashion Item?: My Buddha to Buddha bracelet (made of silver and leather).

Tyvn (out of the coveralls)

– Your take on work fashion?: Personnels on the rig have to wear the boots, coveralls and glasses for safety reasons. They wear it cos its mandatory and sometimes it doesn’t fit right. 
There’s a difference between wearing your clothes and owning it or getting completely worn out by the colours, shape or size of what you wear. 
Truth is we live in a very visual society where everyone is judged by their appearance. 
Fashion is how you carry yourself in whatever it is you wear, poise, charisma, character.

Yewande Sobamowo

– Favourite Fashion Item?: Pencil skirts

– Your take on work fashion?: Fashion at work is Critical to build the image required for excellence. Think gladiators in suits.

Machu Atuanya

– Favourite Fashion Item?: Shoes

– Your take on work fashion?: It makes work bearable.

Stephanie Ij

– Favourite Fashion Item?: Pencil heeled shoes.

– Your take on work fashion?:

So there you go guys. Thanks to all my features this week, was a real pleasure putting this together.

My profound gratitude goes out again to all of you who read this blog and my feature on the debut post, Maddy. 

Thanks to all who give me ideas like Onoja and Lizzie, lovely words and support from Alrhemist, Barbara, Andy, Amaka, Nelly, Oluchi, Sheisboki, Poshbug, Michelle, Ikechukwu and GorgeousBSkin (to name a few)… those of you who encourage me with your retweets, Lippielover, Purpletweetyb, Ade3uwa, Nwabiaije and loyalty; Nonye, Fola, Ujufanta and Adaora Och. 

Do have a lovely week and keep on reading.

Love you, yes, you!


“Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma.” – John Fairchild.

How to Dress for the Beach: Lady on her Grind.

Hi guys,

This week, I am going to share some outfits one could wear to the beach. I was at one of the Balearic Islands a couple weeks back, with a group of people, and decided to make a post of our outfits as everyday was beach day.

Although most of the pictures weren’t taken on the beach as such, they an adequate representation of outfits that can be worn on the beach. Inspired by one of my readers, the feature consists of 6 people in two different continents.

I hope you enjoy it and it helps you during the summer or whenever you are off land/air.. I also tried not to write too much as its all easy to understand.


Shubby – Lashan – Wura – Ibiyemi – Stephanie
Style: Resort Chic
Inspiration – Water, Blue Skies, Sand, Wind.

Look #1

Stephanie (Ibiza)

Look #2

Shubby (Ibiza)

Look #3

Lashan (Ibiza)

Look #4

Stephanie (Ibiza)

Look #5

Shubby (Ibiza)

Look #6

Wura (Ibiza)

Look #7

Stephanie (Ibiza)

Look #8

Shubby (Ibiza)

Look #9

Lashan (Ibiza)

Look #10

Ibiyemi (Lagos)

Look #11

Stephanie (Channelling Lagos)

Look #12

Ibiyemi (Lagos)

Look #13

Ibiyemi (Lagos)

Look #14

Shubby (Ibiza)

Look #15

Wura (Ibiza)

Look #16 (random groupings)

Lashan, Shubby, Wura, Stephanie (Ibiza)
Look #17

Stephanie (Ibiza).

That’s it people. Thank you so much for your time on here. I am sure you enjoyed it. 

Big thanks to my muse, Shubby and features, Lashan, Wura, Ibiyemi and Stephanie. :).

Your comments make me happy so do drop em if time permits you.

I was at a costume party hosted by a friend’s colleague’s dad in Köln (Germany).. I thought that at some point, my darling readers may be invited to, or would want to organise a costume party for your work mates/friends, therefore decided that I would share some of the looks I found interesting in a preceding post… you know I’ve always got y’all’s backs. LOL.

Do have a splendid week.


“If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater…suggest that he wear a tail.” – Fran Lebowitz.

How to Party in A Costume

Hi guys,

How was your weekend? Mine was alright.. took some pictures for a post on Saturday, finally decided and made a booking I’d been on for 3 days….then went to Camden Market with my friend, Madalina on Sunday. It was really nice out there, they had like a whole massive section just for food, various country delicacies and demonic desserts *sigh*. In fact I should share a couple pictures..

Right beside this stand, was a stand with smoothies which I gently strolled over to afterward, to get atonement for my sugary sins, with a jar of fresh orange juice.

Today, I am going to share some costume party outfit suggestions and my outfits from the 2 days I spent in Germany before Ibiza.

Click here for my Ibiza trip with friends beach wear inspiration post.

While in Germany – though on holiday – I decided to look a bit smart. Not sure why, but it was probably because I was going to spend some hours at Olga’s office and then her colleague was taking us out to a steak place for supper.

Look #1

Top: TKMaxx
Skirt: A Start
Shoes: TKMaxx
Bag: Calvin Klein
Style – Sexy Smart
Inspiration – Explained Above. Also went costume outfit shopping for a boat party the next 

Look #2

Tank: Primark

Skirt: Personal tailor
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Ted Baker
Friends: Olga and Axelle
Style – Metrogypsie
Inspiration – Above + the skirt from yesterday was a bit uncomfortable during the day because it was hotter than expected so I decided on a flared one.

That’s all for just Germany..

Before we get to the costume party outfits, I’d share 3 other looks, one from the day I left Ger. and arrived Ibiza, one in Ibiza and one from the day I left Ibiza.

Leaving Ger

Shirt: Thomas Pink
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Office

Still trying to keep up with the serious look while in Germany. The weather felt a bit chilly on stepping out of the house but had to rush into the car cos I’m not one to miss a flight. I got changed into tights at the airport. (See below..)

Arriving Ibiza

Not the best decision ever, I couldn’t even manage a smile as it was HOT!

Spotted these at Duty Free, made me wish for a second that I was into drinking.. Dope.

My first and last days in Ibiza had no beach activities involved hence my donning proper clothes..

 Ibiza Day 1

Dress: Bohoo
Bag: Forever 21
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Style: Summer Chic
Checked out the beaches, restaurants and chilling spots in San Antonio to properly know what activities were available then decide what days to do them as the rest of the crew were arriving later today.

Leaving Ibiza

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Office
Bag: Calvin Klein

Style: Casual Chic
Its such a struggle when there is a huge disparity between the temperature of where you are and that of your destination. I was roasting while waiting for ride to the airport, on landing London, I began freezing. UGH!

The Costume Boat Party

So I am definitely not going to write where these outfits were gotten from as that would have been doing too much on my part. Also, I am only going to make an attempt at explaining what my features were going for with their looks, as I’m not even sure what I went as.
These should serve as inspirations. 
Cheers.. 🙂

Look #3

The tag on my outfit said ‘Officer’, so maybe a boat captain or even a Naval officer.

Look #4

Obviously, a cheerleader. Hello hottie.. 😉 

#Look 5

Not sure what they came as.. Maybe carnival hotdog vendors. Lol

#Looks 6 & 7

I suppose the lady was Hawaiian themed then the extremely tall guy, a cook/maid/milk man.

#Looks 8 & 9

Sleeveless top guy must be a builder/constructor, you know those handy ones that stereotypically get naughty and more handy than they were paid to be. hehehe..

Our host, @Legendarystuff, came as a proud Köln young man.

#Look 10 &11

These group of people came as the US Air force.
The solo guy had this pirate thing going I suppose.

#Looks 12 & 13

The guys should be clowns.

The lovely lady, an arabian/fire/belly dancer.

#Looks 14 & 15

Both men had white tops and head stuff on their heads so I am not sure how to differentiate. Lol
Anyways, the guy with by one lady, I am not really sure what/where he is the king of.
Guy with 2 ladies, a Arab man.

#Looks 16 & 17

People in white, Naval Officers.. 🙂
Guy in between the ladies, the US Air force.

#Looks 18 & 19

Two ladies came as work out lovers.. Its always great to work out in really bright colours for some reason.. Their outfits was refreshing as well.
The lady in the other picture came as a police officer and the gent by her came as a traditional Scottish man.

#Looks 20

This guy came as himself, just a bit more enhanced in the body suit.. Lol.

Its a wrap!

Thank you all for your time spent here. 

If you have a more suitable name/theme for any of the looks above, drop a comment.
Also, share my posts with your friends, on your facebook, twitter, google+ and what not.

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Have a great week and a lovely month everyone.


“The finest clothing made is a person’s skin but, of course, society demands something more than this.” – Mark Twain.

How to Wear the Pleated Flared Skirt; Working It series

Hi guys, 

Welcome back to my blog. The previous post was up for two weeks as I put so much energy and time getting it together. Work has been pretty hectic which is very annoying considering the weather has been really beautiful lately.

There is so much going on right now with me, work, friends visiting from overseas, my professional exams et al so apologies if at some point the blog is updated every fortnight. 

You know how you’d have a certain frock that’s not one of your favourites but you always remember it when you got nothing to wear. Yes, that’s what the post is about. I realised the second time I wore this skirt that I never really wanted to wear it until I’d searched and searched my wardrobe to no avail…then I decided to take pictures whenever I did so.

Bellow are the various ways I have worn this skirt right from Winter 2012 till sometime last week.

Skirt: Primark

Look #1

Jacket: Ghost
Top: H&M
Scarf: Burberry
Shoes: Newlook
Bag: River Island
Neckpiece: Aldo

Look #2

Top: Newlook
Belt: Primark

Look #3

Top: Forever21
Shoes: Evie
Belt: Dorothy Perkins

Look #4

Sweater: Spirit Union
Top: Rock n Roll
Bag: Calvin Klein

Look #5

Shirt: Primark
Shoes: Newlook

then I unbuttoned the shirt…

Tank Top: Primark.

Oooooopps at the last picture. Lol.

So there it is.. Do you have this sort of relationship with any of your clothing items? Feel free to send an email to if you want to.

Cheers people, have a lovely week..


“Women usually love what they buy, yet  hate two-thirdsof what is in their closets.” – Mignon McLaughlin.

A Superhero’s Work Style + the Chime For Change event


Hi guys,

This week’s feature is a wife, mum and business woman in Dubai, UAE.  I finally caught up with her to get a week’s worth of her work style, and guess what?

She is 6 months pregnant as well!

I would go right out to the pictures as I have got a lot to share on this post.

Sally Iriri-Adegoke
Occupation: Filmmaking Student at SAE Dubai (Screenwriting Major) & Beauty Salon Owner
Interests: Writing, Critisizing Movies, Music, Antique Shopping and Tennis


Top: Zara
Pants: Zara
Bag: Juicy Couture
Slippers: Gucci
Style – Casual
Inspiration – Work. I tend to look really casual on days I know I would spend most of my time at the salon. I love a bit of freedom when I get down to business.


Jacket: Zara

Shirt: H&M
Pants: Zara
Bag: River Island
Shoes: Jorge Bischoff
Style – Corporate Chic
Inspiration – My final project presentation. Today at my classes, I finally have to present the short film I had been working on with these group of people. I definitely had to look corporate but added a bit of funk with the sandals and pastel colour.


Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Zara oversized shirt
Pants: Zara
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Tory Burch
Style – Business Casual
Inspiration – Travel. I had to go sort out my applications at the embassy today so I was totally inspired by my travel destination hence my embodying white.


Jacket: Mango
Dress: Zara
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Paris Hilton
Sandals: Steve Madden
Style – Casual
Inspiration – My Car. I decided I was going to drive to my salon today so I thought I’d take my pictures by my car so why dress to match ‘her’. Hehehe.


Dress: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Purse: Kurt Geiger
Style – Chic
Inspiration – My husband. He bought every single thing I had on tonight just for our date. So yes, I had to wear them. *blush*

A day at MT salon

So there guys, we have it from Sally. Thank you so much dear for letting us have you on here.

Just before we call it a week, I want to share some pictures from the concert I attended on Saturday June 01, 2013, Chime For Change. It is a new Women Empowerment event pioneered 100 years after the year Emily Davison became a martyr for women’s rights when she threw herself at the Epsom Derby.

It was totally star studded. Below are pictures of artistes who came on stage;

Madonna and Ryan Reynolds (with wife, Blake Lively) amongst others like Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett Smith gave touching and inspiring speeches on how to make donations and support the cause.

Rita Ora, Jessie J (both performed)

Laura Pausini, Mary J Blige (both performed)

Florence and the Machine, Timbaland (both performed)

Iggy Azalea, John Legend (both performed)

Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez (both performed) 

Beyonce, Jay Z (both performed)

Salma Hayek-Pinault (co-founder spoke on stage)

Yours truly (attended). 

All in all a really great concert for a really great cause. For more information, go on facebook and search ‘Chime For Change’.

Thank you for your time spent on this blog. 
I think a give-away is imperative to say thank you to the readers who have been following thus far.

As promised last week, the dates for the give-away are 17 June – 30 June, 2013.

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Do leave a comment below as usual on your favourite look and if time permits you, create a look of your own inspired by the outfits above.  A winner would be picked by Sally who would then wear the look in a follow-up post.

Have a great week.

“For me, fashion is nothing more than a spontaneous antidepressant.” – Eugene Hütz.