Struggling with Comparison – How to Cope

Struggling with Comparison – How to Cope

Hi lovely..

We are in the age of comparison because of social media and our ability of flexing in there. It is normal and human so don’t feel alone.

Hope these tips below help if you’re struggling.

5 ways to cope with yourself while comparing + 3 Final tips going forward.
  • Accept and believe that —-> you are were you’re supposed to be. Just because it’s where you’re supposed to be doesn’t meant it’s where you want to be
  • Accept and believe that —-> Rejection is protection. You’re being protected from something that you can’t see.
  • Write down daily or weekly, something you have done towards your goal. Mustn’t be a huge goal itself but just steps you’ve taken towards your goal. Don’t diminish your progress once actions no matter how small you think it is. Celebrate them too. A savings for travel for eg, a page in a book, a marketing email, a DM. Throw your own party
  • Be genuinely happy for other people. This will help you practice the number one.
  • Lastly Gratitude for what you have. Operate from a place of gratitude instead of comparison.
Things to note
Stop comparing your BTS to someone’s Highlight Reel. You don’t see the journey, the stress, you only see the destination. 
You don’t know what each person is wrestling with. Cheating, lack of acceptance etc.. stop comparing.
Don’t be a nobody. Accept that you can’t have any other person’s live but your own. Some people will always be better than you. You are your only one with your combination of skills and habits. Try and be better than yourself. 
You will never achieve your greatness if you don’t carve out your own part and highlight your uniqueness.
Don’t aspire to be like your hero, stop mimicking – strive to be yourself. Trying to be someone else is I’m the easiest way to be a nobody.
Instagram lifestyle is unrealistic. It’s a perception spot 
Define your goals, find out what you are best at 
Do stuff for your self and for your goals so you don’t get distracted 
Compare yourself against the progress you’ve made instead. 
Final words;
Focus on beginning a better than you were yesterday. Life is both short and long.
It is what we do today that matters most.

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