10 Things You Can Fast From This Lent

10 Things You Can Fast From This Lent

Hi lovely,

Today is Ash Wednesday. My favourite time of the year is Lent so its only normal I’d be sharing related matters this period. As Catholics this is not a period to be merry at all. People with birthdays this period keep it calm and reduce their level of indulgence. Id be travelling really soon (to a muslim country ironically), but my best bit of lent is that sober reflection it brings me too. Time off with my man is just perfect to bond obviously and to plan for the future without the stress of our normal lives.

Back to lent guys.. So lent is the 40-day period before Easter, starts with Ash Wednesday and ends with Holy Thursday (no mass is said that day), Good Friday and Holy Saturday. During this period we tend to sacrifice things..could be food, bad habits or situations. Some people avoid eating meat on every Friday of lent, others fast, stations of the cross prayers said and other forms of abstinence  really. The main pillars however are Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. Whatever it is you decide to give up, do not forget to help the poor, needy and less priviledged.

Here are a few things you can FAST from;

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