Hi lovely,

reaching out to brands you love should be a prerequisite for you as a content creator. The key to winning brands over and getting paid sponsorships is getting their attention.

I made an extensive video on how to excel as a small youtuber, click here to watch. 

Here are some more in-depth examples of great brand outreach emails that work, as well as some do’s and don’ts. 

The strategy to getting a higher response rate is to write short, personalized, and informational emails so brands take you seriously. Even small brands can get dozens of emails, DMs, and comments every week asking for free products and services. Brands are numb to this and those emails usually get passed over or deleted.

Stick out of the crowd and tell them about yourself, why you love their product/service, why your audience is a right fit for them, as well as some metrics such as followers, engagement rate, avg. likes per post, etc. The more detailed you are with this, will make whoever is reading you email to take you more seriously and will prompt a higher response rate.

Tip: Always end your email with a question! This forces the recipient to think about what you’re asking and more willing to give you a response back.

With all that said, here are some outreach emails you are free to steal to get started. Feel free to customize and edit these to craft your own personal message that you find gets the most responses.

Template #1

Hi {brand name},

I recently started following you guys on Instagram and love your {product name}! I actually have an Instagram {@instagramname} where I post about {category} and would love to share your product with my {X,XXX} followers 🙂

Do you currently have a brand ambassador program for influencers?

Template #2


I saw {brand} on Instagram and I’m very interested in trying out {product}. I sometimes review {category} products on my page and my followers love them, so I’m interested in doing an unboxing with {brand}!

I currently have {X,XXX} followers on {@instagramname}, and my audience is always excited when I post about new {category} products.

Would you be interested in a collaboration?

Template #3


I just found and followed {brand} on Instagram and love {write something you like about their brand}. I just reached {X,XXX} followers on Instagram {@instagramname} who show a lot of love on my posts about {category}, and I wanted to give back to them with a giveaway of {product/service}.

Is this something you or your team would be interested in collaborating on?

Template #4 (use only if you genuinely used this brand)

Hi {brand},

I just got {product} in the mail today and it looks amazing! I actually posted it on my Instagram {insert post link} and tagged you in it today – my followers love it and I already got so many likes and comments about it.

I would love to collaborate with {brand} and share more products with my followers in the near future 🙂

Do you have a brand ambassador programs or offer sponsorship opportunities for influencers?

You’ll notice these templates don’t directly ask for anything specific just yet. Wait to get a response from the email recipient, then you can share more about what you would like in exchange. In your second response, you’ll want to add in additional metrics such as likes, comments, engagement rate, etc. If possible include metrics from your dashboard to show your reach and influence.