The 2020 Fashion Trends You Would Love

The 2020 Fashion Trends You Would Love

Trends to me are a fun situation we get to play around and guide followers on how to wear. Generally I wear what I feel like on any day but when I take time out to create content for instagram or YouTube I reach out to trends of the given season.

Did my research over the weekend and got a long liner of about 20 trends for 2020 (mostly Spring/Summer). Below are the ones I totally love, already rock and would be highlighting majorly on my platforms;

The Shorts Suit

This I really cant wait to slay. I am thinking I’d do a video of shorts suits in various colours and from different brands. Today I ordered from a Nigerian based vintage shop. Once that order gets to me, I’d shoot a full video.


Shirt Layering

This could be wearing an item above your shirt like a bralet, cami top/dress, or sleeveless cardigan or even a roll-neck under your shirt.


Bermuda shorts

Literally got one of these while I was back in Aylesbury and have never worn them. Got in denim so maybe I’d combine the H2T denim below trend for this piece.


Polo shirts

The classy way to wear this would be with a midi skirt or 3/4 tailored pants.


H2T denim

Head to toe denim was such a 90s trend that creeps up on use everyday now and then. As mentioned above, will be rocking this soon.


Mini dress

The next time I go parting at night, I’d be spotted in this. Although not a preference, they make for a great wedding guest look.


Roll neck

Basically, I cannot live without these. I literally have a selection of classic roll necks in my wardrobe in so many colours.


The tank top

I have abandoned this piece dies to the fact that I still haven’t gotten my ideal black blazer. Currently working on that.


Scene Stealing Dresses (maximalism)

I cannot wait to shot this on the streets on London!


J-lo effect

Following her recent strut on the Versace runway, maxi dresses and skirt with really high splits will be upon us. This as with some of the trends above will be just for my shoots and content creation.


The gold hoop earrings

Got a really pretty big one from Liverpool Street market in November (watch here) to join my already existing statement one. Hoop earrings are also perfect form my current hair cut.

Hope this information guides you to an extent this year. 
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  1. MsNella
    January 7, 2020 / 11:21 am

    Those boobs are so perky. Will trying wearing my tank top without a bra 🙃

    • January 15, 2020 / 12:47 am

      Its funny I did that today self but at home she LMAO.. it was see through a bit too.
      Oh right also applied for my passport renewaltoday. Will DM you how that went xxox

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