Top 5 Things To Do In Amsterdam – 3 Days Trip

Top 5 Things To Do In Amsterdam – 3 Days Trip

Hi beautiful,

Welcome to my corner.. “If you go to Amsterdam for 2 days, it must rain in one of the days”.. I saw no rains in my 3 days!

My partner and I decided to go on a 10-day trip as we are getting traditionally stitched up in a couple of months. All the stress from long-distance planning got to us. We chose Amsterdam, Ibiza, Marseille and Malta. Click here (AMS, IBZ, MAR, MAL) to watch videos on the channel. Keep reading for a few tips and description of our time out there with photos of course.

If it’s your first time on here, welcome. Do subscribe 😊. Here are the 5 things we did there which you should have at the top of your list while in Amsterdam.

You should be ready to do lots of walking. The city is filled with bicycles. The cyclists seem to have most priority on the road to be honest.

  1. City Canal Cruise: there are tons of these in the city. We opted for a 2-hour one and departed from the Tours & Tickets office. Click here to book.. It was very central and we enjoyed a Hard Rock Cafe dinner afterwards. While on the boat, we were offered drinks and headphones to for onboard commentary. You should make a choice based on the number in your group, the time you have to spare and your budget. Some of these cruises actually offer a 4-course meal with over-flowing drinks. You’d be shown places like;Red Light District, Westerkerk, the Anne Frank House (Anne Frankhuis), and Gassan Diamonds factory etc

2. Museums:- We visited Rijksmuseum as right behind it you’d find the I AMSTERDAM sign. The Hermitage Garden also has a small version of this sign with less tourists (or none self). The Van Gogh Museum is great for art lovers, its also connected to some canal cruises. VondelPark is really great to calm your nerves with beautiful scenery and have a picnic. Located really close to the Rijksmuseum.

We also walked to the Anne Frank House but the queue was mental.

3. The Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat:- These are shopping streets so you know I had to be here. It just always feels good seeing shops and all that good stuff. High end and street all in one place.  Also ‘Coffee Shops’ are were cannabis is sold. LOL. Had their cake and experienced the worst days of my life. *sigh*

4. Bare Walks:- Walking has always been a huge part of our relationship so walking through the canals and buildings were such a thing for us. Taking photos is always a huge part of my travel so we (rather he) had to get used to this amidst the mood swings. LOL. While walking we got a better view of the Red Light District and its rooms.

5. Heineken Experience:- Usually found as a combo tour with canal cruises, the heineken experience is a self guided interactive journey through the world of Heineken. You’d get to know brewing process, ingredients and more about Heineken.

Final words

• The Netherlands is part of Schengen so if you need a visa that’s the one. In the Uk, I’d suggest you use VFS for your application. Also The Netherlands have been the most generous I’ve seen so far.

• Staying somewhere in their centraal might be a bit pricey (£100 ish per night) sonid suggest you stay anywhere with a team station. Travelling with the tram is so easy and affordable. You can also walk to tons of places while in centraal.

• Online booking works best for some tours eg the Anne Frank House.

Don’t forget to watch the video here and follow my instagram. Search #MGTravelAMS for photos from my trip to this city.


Day One:- Zara Culottes Set shop Asos here

Day Two:- Missy Empire – trouser here.. double breasted blazer here.. Sliders:- Jeffery Campbell, another unique piece here..

Day Three:- Vintage find..  Slippers @monimorganshoes



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