What To Do In Your Waiting Time

What To Do In Your Waiting Time

Hi lovely,

I read somewhere that God always answers prayers. It’s either a Yes a No or a Wait. The first two are pretty forward, your response is basically to move on. The Wait however is a tad more stressful. On this post, I will be sharing best ways to react while Waiting.

Your waiting could be as a result of a breakup (waiting for the next partner), career (the perfect job, or even any job at all), your healing etc.  Whatever your situation may be filling your time up with these below will help you come out a better person;

1. Renew and Relax – many of us are so keen on being busy. You can only be as productive after you’ve spent time relaxing. Take a walk, surf the internet, eat snacks, read a book, article or magazine.

2. Catch-up – that email, unreturned phone call, message you’ve been putting off, get back to them. Message acquaintances, suggest meet-ups.

3. Make plans – personally, I have made more plans now I am in between jobs than when I was so busy. I have not just made them but brought some to fruition. Make plans for your hobbies, your future, people you care about etc. Start by thinking, researching then writing down in an organised manner. 

4. Explore your creativity – try new things. Harness skills you have. Create Create Create.

5. Candle + Music + Your thoughts – meditate in a clean and soothing environment. Meditation helps me day-dream of great things. Worthy of note is that everything starts with the mind thinking about it.

6. Intentionally Socialise – quit making excuses. Make the first move to acquire friends. visit places alone. Due to my being in waiting i am able to go out and create content all alone comfortably.

Waiting is not an easy process – just don’t make it more difficult by isolating yourself and mind. Keep a  positive outlook and concentrate on things that make you happy and satisfied.

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“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”


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  1. January 16, 2021 / 9:59 am

    Useful tips hon! I especially like the ones about making plans and being proactive in making friends etc. This is what I’m doing during the lockdown so I have something to look forward to and get excited about. Xo

    • January 30, 2021 / 9:32 am

      Thanks for your time. Oh yes, I focused on that so well in my single days.

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