Wisteria in London – 26 Places With The Perfect Bloom

Wisteria in London – 26 Places With The Perfect Bloom

Hi lovely, 

welcome to my space. How are you? … not the ‘fine’ answer please –  HOW are YOU? The month of May is mental awareness month and the week just gone by is dedicated to this. I decided to make this post now because the purple blooms of the wisteria add a dash of colour to otherwise drab buildings and streets as well as our lives.

Hope this serves as a guide for those looking to take walks and pictures and also as a form of relaxation to everyone reading.

I’ve got a special place for the Wisteria as I got engaged taking photos of them while on Holiday in Portugal’s Sintra (right by Quinta da Regaleira).

The Wisteria in London is best seen from the last week of April to the 2nd week of May and with a bit of a research  I have been able get the street names and postcodes on 25 of the best ones in London.

Take a moment also to embrace the bloom as they wouldn’t be around for so long. 

ps; While taking your walks or photos, kindly do these respectfully as most are located in neighbourhoods people live in or properties that are in the market.

Photos of the 5 I visited yesterday with my girl, Demee will be shown below – the rest of the list comes right after;

  • 154 Campden Hill Rd – W8 7AS

  • 4 Bedford Gardens – W8 7EQ

  • 10 Canning Pl – W8 5AD

  • Stafford Terrace – W8 7BH

  • Kynance Mews – SW7 4QP

02 May 2022

today I visited 2 new spots and re-visited an old one with my friend Vivian.

  • RH London Salon | 65 Walton St, London SW3 2HT

  • 87 Abingdon Road, W8 6AW

  • 85 Abingdon Road, W8 6AW

  • 50 Abingdon Road

If you have minimal time, just get yourself to Abingdon Road and get your life. So many houses there with glorious Wisteria.

Had a great time taking these photos. I also created an instagram reel with all of the above pictured. Hope these photos lightened up your day.

  • 33 Lonsdale Rd – W11 2BY
  • 33 Launceston Pl – W8 5RN
  • 9 Canning Pl – W8 5AD
  • 10 Elm Pl – SW7 3QJ
  • 23 Park Walk – SW10 0AJ
  • 49 Cheyne Walk – SW3 5TS
  • 34 Christchurch St – SW3 4AR
  • 2 Redburn St – SW3 4BX
  • 17 St. Leonard’s Terrace – SW3 4QG
  • 2 Astell St – SW3 3RU
  • 32 Sumner Pl – SW7 3NT
  • 60 Abingdon Rd – W8 6AP
  • 105 Abingdon Rd – W8 6QU
  • 25 Gordon Pl – W8 4JE
  • Cheyne Walk – SW3 5HN
  • 17 Cheyne Walk – SW3 5TP
  • Chelsea Manor Street -SW3 5QP
  • Christchurch Street – SW3 4AR
  • Sumner Place – SW7 3EG
  • Ensor Mews – SW7 3BT

That’s all 25 of them There are definitely more locations in London and I will keep updating this post as I discover.

  • Peckham Rye Park – SE15 3UA – not so close to the above listed but this location houses amazing wisteria bloom

Thanks for your time on here, let’s catch up on instagram as well. 

Take care of you



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  1. May 23, 2021 / 7:13 am

    These photos are so beautiful , floral backdrops just create mystery in a photo.

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